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About this project

These are the realtime numbers of cyclists crossing Brussels Mobility counters today, as well as statistics for yesterday's traffic.
These devices are placed on major city's streets and their datas are retrieved through Brussels' open data platform.

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2020 11 18
- Added comparison function (click on counter image to activate)
- New counter (CAT17)
2020 10 04
- Overall design update
- Added a counter selector to show only one counter
- Added point charts for the timegaps
- Added hourly bar charts for a selected counter
- Better preview for Twitter cards
- Better error handling (regarding recurrent data server unavailability)
2020 09 20
- Photo update for counters COM205, CB1599 & CB1699
- Optimized font usage
- Optimized CDN for JS librairies
- Optimized images for weight
2020 09 12
- Photo update for counters CKG017, SJE181, CJM90 & CVT387
2020 09 09
- Updated datasource url (SSL cert issues)
- Updated page url (shorter + easier to remember) -
- Fixed an inversion between pictures of CB1142 and CB1143 (Rue de la Loi), thanks to Marcus