Converting an arcade box into a creative festival action

The Sabam has a mission of promoting culture in all artistic domains.
To communicate on summer festivals, to a young demographics, they wanted a unique action that would educate about their mission in a fun way.

We came up with the idea of an 8-bit themed quizz game that would sit inside a retrofitted arcade box from the 90's and would tease festivalgoers into checking it out.

So we bought an old arcade cabinet, restored it completely with a new brain and a new branded casing. We developped a custom quizz game on culture with belgian authors at heart. And we shipped it with the freshly printed campaign material that we created for it.

Restoring the box

Neon signage

Control panel, joysticks, buttons

Software & wireless setup

Working coin slots

Upgrading the technology

New brain

LED lighting

HD webcam


User experience


Start a game


Answer 10 questions


Win or loose


Get your picture taken


Share it with friends


Play again

The Game


This project was done within Stereo Agency