Website optimization / Mobile streaming application / Multimedia web player

Website optimization

Improving on legibility, interactivity and speed

On Air

Highly visible on the homepage, the ON AIR box displays the most recently played tracks, the show currently on air, a shortcut to the search page and a link to the player itself.

The most popular features

What's that track?

Yes, after the homepage and the player, the most requested feature is the PLAYLIST search page / function. Therefore we paid some extra attention to design and functionalities needed here.

Zero click process

It's a zero click process to show the latest tracks aired on the radio, that can turn into a friendly search engine going back up to 7 days.

Better results

Important informations have been reorganized, voting has been added and a new search algorithm with better filters has been rewritten!

Articles header and footer

Every article page now has more informations about the publication itself (date, author, …) as well as sharing options and related tags.

Multimedia web player

Truly multi media

Built on a mix of smart technologies, this webplayer allows the streaming of up to 16 webradios, as many podcast channels and the radios's Youtube video channel.

Compact yet full of informations

Beside the current radio & track infos, you can access the latest news, search for broadcasted tracks or access quick links.

Webradio launcher

a.k.a. "The million dollar button", is the true star of the website. The previous year, it started about 1.4M launches of the webplayer.

Mobile streaming application

Creating a transversal experience across medias

Smart & adaptive

Phones + Tablets

We developped a kickass application that can be installed on more than 1.3K different devices.

Wether it's a phone or a tablet, the design will adjust itself accordingly and offer the best mobile experience possible.

iOs + Android

Running smoothly under iOS and Android, we've taken the best of each platform and adapted the App versions to the technical specificities of each one.