The reign of the high voltage queen

For more than 15 years I have been working with this band, a belgian rock band, developing graphics & artworks for all their needs. Since 1999, we have produced a large array of visual material, from album covers to posters, from promotional items to merchandising stuff.


Electronic Jacuzzi

First album, Belgium. Album publicly released in 1999 and reissued multiple times since.

The image used is taken from a screenshot of the band's first tv performance on a mix of electronics closeup and colors.


Second album, Belgium edition.This album cover was deemed too ambiguous to be released as is, in some countries, therefore a second version is available outside of Belgium.

The bloody red splash was custom made by an awesome illustrator named Denis Courard

Mirror Mirror

Third album, International edition. After failed attempts to use the work of a french photographer and an Australian illustrator, we took on ourselves to share something more personal - a view of the band's rehearsal studio, hidden in some industrial building around Brussels.

Yes, the logo is a real neon sign (custom made) hanging on the back wall!


Mirror Mirror

"The Gold edition", France. Full length album released as an exclusive press & radio promo object

500 copies issued, gold & black print + sticker

Take it easy

"The Black edition", France. Radio edit single, released to press & radio stations

500 copies issued, gold & black print + sticker

Dolly Fisher

(Belgium. 2000)


(Belgium. 2001)

Do you read me?

(Europe. 2004)

High Voltage Queen

(Belgium, France. 2005)

Posters & prints

Album releases & tours

With the release of an album or with a tour, comes a lot of printed artworks: posters, flyers, ads, stickers…

That's also a lot of risk-free opportunities to test variations in graphic styles or to see your designs featured in foreign magazines.

Vogue Japan
French version of the "Blow" album released
Bataclan & Zenith gigs, Paris


T-shirts and buttons are fun ways of developing the band as a brand by creating easy to sell items & getting quick feedback from the band's fans.


"The Skull"
Illustration for a guest post in ELLE magazine
Text by John Stargasm.

"Two Horses"
Illustration for the booklet credits poster
of the album "Blow