The artist's portrait

 Hello, I'm Ben 

I'm a multi-faceted freelance graphic / UI / UX designer and art director based in Brussels, Belgium

The focal point of this site is my portfolio

… after that, you can easily get in touch with me

What do I do exactly?

I do #UX #UI #design for #online #offline and #print

For businesses, I create all sorts of artworks: identites, documents, ads, websites, apps, …

For creative & web agencies I provide advices, consultancy and supervision services.
Helping on user experiences, user interfaces, creativity, code development and production.

Yes, that's a lot of keywords…

How did I get here?

Blood, sweat, tears and too much coffee!

After working in advertising agencies selling hopes and dreams for a few years, I started freelancing as an art director.
For the last 15 years, I have used my marketing, design and technical skills to achieve a variety of short- to long-term missions.

I enjoy bridging the gap between the offline and the online worlds, so I keep doing just that.

And I quit drinking coffee a while ago.

What about John Doe?

I'm most easily describing myself as an anonymous designer for famous brands.
That's why I named my company after someone known for being unidentified.

Still confused or curious about the name? Read the Wikipedia page.